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Vaunt - A developer community recognition platform | Product Hunt


For devs and the organizations who love them.

Vaunt builds vibrant open-source communities by rewarding developers for contributions, celebrating achievements, and encouraging connections.



Grow your developer community

For Organizations

Encourage quality contributions.

Vaunt’s achievement badge system can cultivate a thriving developer community around their projects. Organizations can customize their own achievements to drive engagement and incentivize developers to make contributions that support their goals.

Empower Your Community.

Vaunt helps organizations showcase their diversity through community leaderboards, highlighting the contributions of each developer.

Go beyond star count to provide additional insights into the overall health of the organization repositories with Vaunt.

For Developers

Elevate Your Profile.

Vaunt’s developer card levels up your README to highlight your contributions and showcase your contribution to repositories.

Vaunt Your Achievements.

Vaunt’s achievement badge system empowers developers to earn recognition for their contributions to open-source projects. Developers can showcase their accomplishments.